What to expect from a Stress and Trauma Relief Treatment

The first session lasts between an hour to an hour and a half. The client’s history is taken, especially regarding all sicknesses, pain and traumatic events. The focus of the session will be verbalized and written down. Pain levels and level of discomfort will be noted. In most cases, there is a list of imbalances and areas the clients would like to work on.¬† If the client is not able to prioritize what area or emotional blockage they would like to work on first, muscle testing will determine the highest priority and then create a sequence.

After the talking part, which often brings already hidden subconscious blockages to awareness, the client is lying fully dressed on the table. With the use of an arm muscle (brachioradialis), several different pre-checks will be done like meridians, chakras, emotional blockages, energy levels, etc. Then, through muscle testing, the best modality for that specific problem will be determined.
During the treatment, the client might be asked to hold a specific point, or to breathe in a specific way, to look into a particular direction, to hold their legs or arms in a fixed position, or to just relax on the table. The treatment is very gentle, non-invasive, and suitable for all ages (even babies).

After the session, many clients feel a little tired, relaxed and often report feeling lighter. Pain levels, levels of discomfort, available energy, and recuperation energy will be reassessed. The client will be asked to take it easy for the next 24 hrs and preferably not to engage in any sports that trigger survival instincts like running and boxing.
As this treatment works on the nervous system, it is strongly advised to commit to a couple of sessions in succession, specific to each person’s life story. The nervous system is habitual and does not like change (not even if the outcome is perceived as the desired state of relaxation). The body merely perceives the change as different and would like to get back into the old pattern of stress, pain and survival. ¬†After the initial sessions, and until the desired level of relaxation and pain release is reached, sessions are weekly but scheduled further apart when the body no longer has issues maintaining the new desired state. Length of treatment varies according to symptoms and personality.