Eye Mode Techniques

There are several treatment protocols that use eye movements to integrate unprocessed trauma. Kinesiology introduced it in the Blueprint series of Neurotraining more than 10 years ago. EMDR and EMI are used in Psychology for over 20 years. NLP uses eye movements in their trauma sessions. They differ slightly in the way they are presented but they were all designed to alleviate the distress associated with unprocessed traumatic memories.

Eye mode techniques help to access and process traumatic life experiences and relieves symptoms like anxiety, PTSD, and the emotional stress around them. Trauma is normally processed during the REM sleep phase (that’s when eye movements can be seen behind closed eyelids). If trauma does not get processed, it remains in the nervous system as stress. Thus eye movements have the power to release those stuck experiences and help the nervous system to process the trauma appropriately.

Eye mode techniques can help with PTSD, fears and anxieties, treating specific trauma, phobias, release of negative beliefs and many more