Neural Organistation Technique (N.O.T.)

What is N.O.T. ?

Neuro Organisation Technique (N.O.T.) is a non-invasive, chiropractic/kinesiology based treatment protocol. It is designed to recognise any disorganisation within the neural programmes. The treatment protocols then specifically reorganise the central Nervous System.

N.O.T is based on the knowledge aquired from Applied Kinesiology, Touch For Health, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Chiropractic and others. N.O.T. is able to find the physical triggers for a specific problem and thus supports the structural balance of the body.

How does N.O.T. work?

The body is very much like a finely tuned orchestra. When every instrument/muscle/joint etc is working in the correct way and sequence, this orchestra makes beautiful music - manifested by our ability to move, play, dance, work, do sports - all with complete ease, flexibility, and creative self expression. And what facilitates this orchestra making such beautiful music, is of course, a magnificent Conductor who can see the big picture, and knows just how each instrument blends with all the others to create that structural harmony! In our metaphor, this Conductor is none other than our incredible Nervous System. The Nervous System not only gives us consciousness and cognitive capability, but oversees, monitors, and controls, or at least significantly influences, 100% of human physiological and structural processes. With the usual and unusual stresses that humans are exposed to (e.g. forceps or breach birth; Caesarian; falls; knocks; bumps; accidents of any kind; surgeries; chronic poor nutritional choices; emotional stresses) many of our neurological reflexes become scrambled or out of sync with each other, leaving the Orchestra without a Conductor, without guidance as to the most efficient combinations of muscle/joint tension and co-ordination patterns to resist gravity.

Dr Carl Ferreri researched, developed and evolved a deep understanding of how these Neurological Reflexes can be re-booted, and brought back on line.

Who would benefit from N.O.T.?

N.O.T. works for all structural misalignments, back pain, headache, hip and knee problems and many more. It has major physiological implications that may reduce the risk of cardiac stress and M.I., it helps with healing, supports hypotonic abdominals or exhausted adrenals. It has the ability to reduce thyroid function and influences the limbic System, which balance the body's self repair and homeostatic healing Reflexes. The treatment can reduce pain in the body, reduce tension in the TMJ (clenching, grinding teeth) and it balances the endocrine system. N.O.T. effects ADD/ADHD in a very positive way and deals with learning difficulties. Furthermore it takes trauma and shock out of the nervous system and helps with post traumatic stress syndrome.

How does the NOT practitioner work?

The method of examination for all of the above is based on kinesiology concepts in which a muscle indicator is used. This method accesses the body's own knowledge of healing. If there is a functional or structural deficit anywhere in the body, there will be a change in the electromagnetic energy in that part or function. When that part or reflex area is touched by either the examiner or the patient, there is a disturbance to the overall energy field. This change is registered in the test muscle and the muscle momentarily weakens on stress. N.O.T. treatment is fast, effective and very gentle.

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