Katja Pilger

  • Specialised Kinesiologist (ASKSA)
  • BA in special education (Germany)
  • Touch for health Practitioner (International TFH Association)
  • Neurotrainer (Australian certificate with the college of Neurotraining)
  • N.O.T Practitioner (Internat. Association of Neural Organizing Technique)
  • Hypno Therapist (NLP Certificate)
  • K-Power Instructor
  • Animal Kinesiology
  • Certificates and Diplomas in Life Coaching, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Auricular Therapy, Holistic health care practitioner, and EMDR.
  • Fascia Trauma Release (FTR) course.
  • Operates in private practice in Glenwood since 2010

Born and raised in Germany, Katja became a special needs educator and worked for many years in the early intervention program. When she was 29 she moved to South Africa and after having her 2 children, she started studying Kinesiology. She broadened her knowledge with several different Kinesiology Modalities like N.O.T, Marco Rado courses, SIPS, Neurotraining, and emotional Kinesiology. Additionally, she studied many other alternative healing modalities, like Hypno-therapy, Life coaching, EMDR, Holistic health care practitioner, Reflexology, Craniosacral unwinds, Naturopathy, Auricular therapy and Fascia Trauma Release (FTR).

Due to trauma in her own life, Katja developed her own unique Stress&Trauma Relief technique.


Online sessions available.

Whatsapp only +27 844 780082

Email: katjakinesio@gmail.com

Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa
Neural Organization Technique International (N.O.T) Neural Organization Technique International