Other Treatments


Life coaching

Life coaching focuses on the change of perspectives and perceptions of an external life event that is beyond one’s control.  During a life coaching session, one observes the individual reaction to the particular stressful situation and finds a new perspective, which then changes the way the client perceives the stress. Reactive responses are modified into appropriate responses. It helps to deal with problems in a more efficient way, to clarify goals, identify obstacles and develop new strategies to overcome those obstacles.


The Rife machine


A Rife resonator is a machine that generates electromagnetic frequencies.                                                    
It is only a treatment device, not a diagnostic tool.
Everything has a specific frequency, everything living and non-living. The spooky2  Rife machine has a substantial library of frequencies available,  which can be used to either kill pathogens safely or to heal certain conditions.
The opera singer who can shatter a glass with her voice can only do so if she hits the exact same frequency that the glass is made of. The Rife machine applies the exact frequency of a pathogen (virus, bacteria, fungus, or parasite) in order to destroy it. On the same note, it can use the frequency of diseases in a similar way to homeopathy to help the body recuperate from illness.
The Rife machine is beneficial for detoxification, regeneration, tissue repair, and stress reduction and can be used for the treatment of: arthritis, influenza, shingles, covid, candidiasis, glandular fever, edema and many more.


Q2 Energy foot spa

The Q2 Energy spa passes bioelectricity, or energy, through the medium of water into the water of the body cells. Exposure to EMF and toxins cause an inadequate voltage charge on our cell walls. This means that our cells might not be able to eliminate toxins as much as they should, and they might struggle to absorb enough nutrients. When the right bioelectric energy is applied to the body through the Q2 energy spa, the cells can recharge the cell walls in order to function optimally.
Benefits of the treatment:

  1. Creates an environment in which pathogens cannot survive
  2. Increases vitality
  3. Reduces stress and tension
  4. Increases the body’s own ability to repair and detox
  5. Anti-oxidation effect and many more

More Info


Sessions and Combos:
Stress and Trauma Relief                 1hr
Specialised Kinesiology           1hr
Detox foot spa                          45min
Rife frequency treatment         1hr
Fascia Trauma Release            30min

Combination treatments:
Kinesiology & Foot spa           1.5hrs
Kinesiology & Rife                    1.5hrs
Foot spa & Rife                         1.5 hrs
Combination of 3 modalities     2hrs

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