Neuro Training

What is Neurotraining?

Neurotraining is a combination of techniques such as Kinesiology, Acupressure, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Naturopathy and many more.

Who would benefit from Neurotraining?

A Kinesiologist is able to find the emotional triggers for a specific problem and brings them to awareness.

Everybody can benefit from it, as Neurotraining works for all kinds of stressors. Under certain circumstances, it has the ability to create remarkable changes very quickly which means that it does not have to be a long-term process. This technique is suitable for any age. Everybody is in need of finding ways to improve their quality of emotional and physical well-being. Neurotraining Kinesiology is a gentle, non-invasive method of identifying what is out of sync, and how to restore equilibrium.

How Could You Benefit?

The benefits include completing physical recuperation from a long list of symptoms. It increases competence in any area of life such as business, talents, health, development, application of learning, clear thinking and much more. The end result is a new congruence and competence with life. Success and more energy become natural consequences from the use of Neurotraining. Neurotraining reconditions your life experiences. - Andrew Verity, founder of Neurotraining

Why does it Work?

The Nervous System has predictable ways of learning about life. Consciously, people don't pay much attention to the Nervous System, but it might have developed patterns of behaviour not suitable for coping with specific stressful situations in life. A Neuro-Trainer will access the subconscious through muscle testing / Kinesiology and thus provide the Nervous System with better coping mechanisms. The Nervous System will then act out the new options as if they had always been there and as a result will change the established patterns to deal with a specific stressful situation. This has an effect on our way of thinking, feeling, acting in specific circumstances and even on how we create life patterns.

Where can you get Neurotraining?

Neurotraining is taught in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Norway, Switzerland and New Zealand. Consultants in Neuro-Training follow regulated and formalised, competency based training which is accredited with the International Association of Neuro-Trainers (IANT), and their local NT Associations. In South Africa, accredited members are registered with the Association of Kinesiology, South Africa (ASKSA)