Stress and Trauma Release Course

By Katja Pilger

The aim of this course is an introduction into a broad spectrum of healing modalities and providing the participant with an array of different possibilities to help themselves and others to get into a state of balance and healing.
This course is designed to teach the basics of how our nervous system works in a stressful situation, what the physiological, mental and emotional impact is, and how one can help the nervous system to get out of its state of survival. We will look into different modalities that are all designed to deal with stress and trauma, like eye mode techniques, fascia release, TRE, positive suggestions, bilateral integration movements, acupressure points and many more. This course will explain some aspects of the Chinese medicine for example the basic meaning of the 5 elements and the meridian system, facial diagnosis and cupping.

You will gain
- Knowledge and practical experience to shift from fight & flight mode into homeostasis
- learn self soothing techniques
- practical experience in different healing modalities
- Tools to use on yourself and others to help them process and release past trauma
- a general understanding about the physiology of being in survival mode
- a basic understanding of how the subconscious mind works and how to be more mindful

Who is teaching?
Katja Pilger      

  • Specialised Kinesiologist (ASKSA)
  • BA in special education (Germany)
  • Touch for health Practitioner (International TFH Association)
  • Neurotrainer (Australian certificate with the college of Neurotraining)
  • N.O.T Practitioner (Internat. Association of Neural Organizing Technique)
  • Hypno Therapist (NLP Certificate)
  • K-Power Instructor
  • Fascia Trauma Release (FTR)
  • Animal Kinesiology
  • Certificates and Diplomas in Life Coaching, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Auricular Therapy, Holistic health care practitioner, and EMDR.
  • Operates in private practice in Glenwood since 2010

The structure of the course:
The Stress and Trauma Release course consists of 6 modules
The course will run once a month for a full weekend (Sat & Sun 9am till 4pm) for 6 month
Location is “The Glenwood Studio” in 98 Ferguson Rd Glenwood.
For prices and timetable please email:

The curriculum:

Module 1:
Physiology of Stress and Trauma (fight, flight and freeze)
Exploring the subconscious 1
Anatomy of the spine
Practical first steps of “Stress and Trauma Release” Method

Module 2:
Introduction into the Fascia
Exploring the subconscious 2
Myofascial unwinds
Vagus nerve

Module 3:
Anatomy of cranium and cranial nerves
Back shu points
A Journey into the Chinese 5 elements
More practical application of the “Stress and Trauma Release” Method

Module 4:
Basics of Life coaching
Colours and their meaning
TRE experience with a TRE instructor

Module 5:
Self Sabotage, how to recognize and how to clear it
Bilateral integration
Talk by Dr Harneker about face diagnosis and introduction into cupping

Module 6:
Bringing it all together: a complete Stress and Trauma Release session

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