Online Sessions

What is surrogating?

As everything is connected, and everything is energy, it is possible to work on another person through surrogacy.
One way to surrogate is to use a third person, for example if a child is too young to lay still and have the corrections done on themselves, another person that is close to the child is lying on the plinth and is surrogating. So the treatment is done on the surrogate, but for the full benefit of the child.
During an online treatment, the practitioner will be surrogating for the client, and test for them which balances and corrections are needed. Then the corrections are either done by the client on themselves (under guidance of the practitioner via video call), or the practitioner is doing the corrections on herself in place of the client.


What to expect during an online treatment?
Everybody works differently in doing distant sessions. I prefer talking to the client on whats app video call to get to know the client, the area to work on and to be able to explain the process. After that introductory call from about 20min, the client will be asked to sit back comfortably and relax. The session will them continue without the phone connection, but preferably with a recent photo of the client. During the session I will take notes as to what came up, which corrections were done, and which corrections need to be done in person rather that through surrogacy. When all the corrections are holding and the stressors are as cleared as possibly can, I will call again and discuss everything that happened during the session.


Is distance work as effective as in person treatment?
Mental, emotional and energetical blockages can be cleared through surrogacy in the same way as on the client itself. Sometimes the changes happen with a bit of a delay, but not any less intense. As Neurotrauma Relief works as well with specific muscular and structural blockages (Psoas reset, 1st rib etc), those are possibly better corrected on the body directly to achieve quicker results regarding past trauma release. But  working on all the other areas will eventually also filter through to the muscular and structural body and relax the overall nervous system to an extend where muscles and fascia and cerebro spinal fluid will carry less tension and less trauma memory.